The Root of K-Pop: The Today’s Biggest Acts Influences

To many people, it seems that PSY began the k-pop [phenomenon alone and the music has today dominated the whole world. Having the grand style, his comedic choreography and sound have broken the records of YouTube. With over 1.7 billion views since the time of its establishment in 2012, it has drawn global attention.

Nevertheless, there are idols at the center of k-pop music. The combination of the eastern and western sounds in-sync the choices of fashion to help the k-pop to stand out among the other genres. It is, therefore, essential to look at the history of the k-pop music and come up with what is now respected as the world’s best lyrics and hits or all time.

The idol group came up to the scene of music in the 90s. the phenomenon of the idol was conceived in 1992 when Seo Taiji debuted besides the boys. They fused American pop music using the Korean lyrics due to the ability they had of melding the western and eastern styles. The trio experienced big popularity in Korea and leveraged the opportunity to make tremendous profits.  They, therefore, started making copy cut groups and launched various new styles.

The boys and so Taiji were so popular as far as the alteration of modern popular music in Korea was concerned. Their debut date was market as the actual birth of k-pop music. After the arrival of the two, such bands like the H.O.T emerged and became equally influential. They gathered lots of competitive freedom in the industry. The success of the 90s idol style has continued to date.

The evolution of this idol has continued to evolve while keeping intact its roots. The second generation came about with the introduction of the TVXQ as well as the BEAST. Even the strategies of promotion have been passed from one to the next generations in the idol groupings. The success of this promotion has come out to be based on hip hop leads coupled with a ballad or a track of fun dance. This is followed rigorously until the generation goal of popularity is achieved.

The third generation, the BTS also gave out the same roots as the initial lyric and dance styles. It was accompanied by the hip hop tones having a distinct twist. The debut track titled the warrior dealt with school violence incorporating the shouting voice.

Currently, the BTS have moved internationally. There bts merch is transcending across the globe. They perform lots of concerts form Paris Bangkok and Los Angeles. The fans have gone from being Koreans to being international with the music covering the whole world alike.  A simple internet search can lead you to lots of k-pop lyrics today. Some are even translated into various world languages by the very fans that enjoy the music a lot.


While the k-pop music is everywhere today, the single-handed creator, PSY, never imagined it to go this far. What is interesting is that it gains popularity and as many dance styles emerge, the root of this influential music has never changed.   nt

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