What is an Ahegao Hoodie and Why you Need One

Ahegao is a Japanese term that has been used as early as the 1990s. It references the o-face made when a person reaches climax. The term has been widely used in Japanese pornography, anime, and Hentai for the past two decades. Around the mid-2000s, Ahegao started gaining popularity and in present time, has become a small anime subculture that is continuously growing.

One of the main references of Ahegao found commercially is in the form of Ahegao hoodies. There has been an influx of people sporting Ahegao hoodies; these are hoodies covered in Ahegao prints from various Hentai shows.

  1. Who Wears Ahegao Hoodies

While Ahegao hoodies are not to be openly given to the youth, they are perfectly acceptable for people aged 18 or 21 above. People from many age and class groups wear the hoodies. Whether it is for an event, such as a convention, a gathering, and an interesting night out with friends, you will often see at least one person in an Ahegao hoodie. These hoodies are also very popular during meetings of self-proclaimed Ahegao-material enthusiasts.

  • Why you Need an Ahegao Hoodie

If you are someone who loves anime, Hentai, Ahegao, or even just Japanese culture in general, then an Ahegao hoodie is ideal for you. The hoodie has become and important fashion statement over the last few years. Despite its bold images, Ahegao hoodies can be seen in malls, parks, and restaurants, and is slowly becoming somewhat of a staple of anime subculture.

If you are someone who likes getting the must-haves and latest trends, then you should get one. The hoodies are often bold and visually loud; but if you enjoy making bold statements, then the jacket is perfect for you.

  • Where to Get an Ahegao Hoodie

There are so many stores online that sell Ahegao hoodies and it can be overwhelming to choose. Not all stores sell the same quality of hoodies and have the same designs. It is important to choose a store that sells reputable items made of good quality cloth, so that your hoodie may last longer. trendyanime.com is a popular website that sell different anime merchandise and clothing. They sell high-quality Ahegao hoodies with different designs you can choose from.


Ahegao is a recently-formed anime subculture depicting character’s faces during climax. It is newer compared to other anime subcultures but has already developed a very dedicated following. As a result, Ahegao hoodies have become very popular and trendy among the youth. It is a must-have for people who love Hentai and anime. The iconic imaging of Ahegao hoodies are now being adapted to other forms of clothing such as sweatpants, shirts, and many others.

While Ahegao hoodies are not the only type of Ahegao merchandise that are readily available, they are the most popular. The bold imaging of the hoodies makes them ideal for people who would like to stand out from others. Trendyanime.com is a reliable source to find good quality and affordable Ahegao hoodies.

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