The Jewel Tail Jungle

Being someone’s pet is as simple as being submissive to your master. If you have been in the anal sex game for a while, you know what I am talking about. If you have not been in the game, continue reading to understand more about this.  Some people really enjoy the kind of submissive sex; it comes to them like a turn on.

 It is as severe as that; someone gets turned on just by being submissive to their partners; first, they make sure that they give it all to their partners. They offer all their loyalty and devotion to them. They are so jealous when their partners share sex with other parties, and therefore they will do anything to satisfy6 them.

This is where the jeweled butt plug comes in. It will help you play the role if a jeweled pet in the play. Here, you must know all the traits of a jeweled and put them into action. It excites s when your partner gets to see you acting like a pet.

The whole process makes the sex so sweet and keeps it at a high level. When you have a dominant partner, and you are acting as the jeweled pet, which is so submissive, the best thing to do is to give them whatever styles they ask for and sit in whatever position they want.

 Show them that you are obedient, and that will make them feel like kings and queens. It is a nice feeling that cannot be easily expressed if you are not okay with them spanking you. And ordering you around, it should not be a big deal, as that is not all that you can do.

However, some people love being spanked hard and being ordered around, to change positions, and to be fucked hard, whenever they act the roles of animals.  It all depends on ion you, and the decision is all yours to make.

 For instance, wolves are captivated with the ambiance and overall setting of the evening, just like the brightness of the full moon, and the darkness of the night sky.  They are so cunning and have some graceful movements.  They are closely related to dogs too, and therefore loyal as them.

That is why it will be an enjoyable experience for you to act the role of a jeweled, in the traits as mentioned above, for the play to be more sweet and active. Be loyal to your partner, and be obedient to them too.

Wolves are loyal to their masters, and your partner will be your master on that fateful day. The jeweled butt plugs are available in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and they even have different functionality.


In terms of pattern, each jeweled butt plug is different. They are identical, but at a slight view, you will notice the difference. You may also feel free to choose the length of your jeweled butt plugs, as they come in different inches.

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